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Yaa Asantewaa is…

Is overwhelmed by the joy of my people
Following this victory
And knows it will be even better than this
When the last battle is won
Is holding her breath
Hoping not to be devastated at the disappointment of her people by this blessing
But to exhale the exhale of victory with her people
In eight years
Smiling Black faces
Proud Black faces
Joyful Black spirits
That now feel empowered, beautiful, powerful, blessed, godly even
Who now know an inch of their power
Who now know an inch of their capability
Who now know an inch of their beauty
We are
A beautiful people
A powerful people
A winning people
When we choose to be
My people are a happy people
Rejoicing people
Beautiful people
Spiritual people
Who know that there is a God
Who know hope has a new face today
Hope has a new power
I hope that my people
Will take it upon themselves
To do right
By themselves
To do right
By each other
Being reminded
That there is a God
Who listens to our prayers
As a people
Knowing that the last time
That this many Black people
Were in agreement
Across the globe
We were still being hung
In trees
Let this be evidence
That we can agree
And succeed
Over and over
Let us agree
Again and again
To renew ourselves
To free ourselves

To the freedom fighters
And the sit-in-ers
And the boycott-ers
And the marchers
And the protesters
And the poets
And writers
And actors
And dancers
And soldiers
In every corner
Of the globe
To the apartheid
Who feel a victory is won
And hug tight one another
And hold on for dear life
For not wanting to wake up from this dream
Your efforts are never in vain
But they make up the first inch of the war
Keep fighting
Keep walking
Keep marching
Keep loving one another
Stop hating one another
Start lifting up one another
And we’ll see victory
After victory
Into eternity

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