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Market of Dreams, In Stores Now!

Join me in welcoming to bookshelves my first book, Market of Dreams, a collection of my best original poems; now available at, and bookstores everywhere. New York locals can buy it from the publisher’s site at Indigo SINE or pick it up at a local bookstore.

“Market of Dreams is a chronicle of the personal and political of African history and Diaspora migration. With poetry in Yoruba, English, French, Spanish and Patois, Market of Dreams is a book for truth seekers of every persuasion.”

Indeed this collection features the original Yoruba version of the Black National Anthem, Cross Continental Black Nation, Que Nos Amarian (a piece dedicated to the Black Hispanic struggle) and many more totaling almost 100 poems. Buy it here.

Enjoy a taste of my words by perusing the site.

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