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Gays in Afrika

I’m supposed to be writing an article about Gays in Africa for Applause magazine. I’m hesitant because I have so much to say, and so much controversy to start 😉 How many of my gay friends will hate me after it is written? Will the magazine agree with what I have to say? Is it possible to balance my perspective with the essence of what needs to be said on this topic? Will I polarize some folks?
Gays are people too. Although I could not imagine a world full of gay marriages, and I love the big, strong sensuality of a man; love everything that makes them stupid and delicious at the same time–and sometimes honorable–I don’t think anyone should be retaliated against, injured, attacked because of their sexuality. As much as I do believe that we need a society in which the state does govern–to some extent–appropriate behavior and human elevation, I don’t think I would listen if the law told me who to love.

My primary stance on homosexuality is that against violence. I can’t stand to hear about people being killed–like the men in Kenya recently–or attacked in any way because they are gay. That’s inhumane. It is inhumane to kill the way we kill each other, period. What I’m against is violence against gays. I also think that if everyone became gay, the human race could not procreate and evolve since a man and man can’t make a baby. Sure we can have sperm clinics and ovary chests but I also believe in a God who designed things to work in perfect harmony. So I’m dead set against a world in which every child comes out of a test tube.

I also don’t like to be persuaded that I’m gay, which is what many of my lesbian “friends” have tried to convince me. LOL. Many believe that every woman has lesbian desires, and she is just suppressing them. I could agree with this. But I think it’s a far cry from needing to get cozy with you. It took me a long time to be able to see that some of these people wanted to date me!!! Lol at my naivete!

There’s also the Estrogen Theory, that there has been an upsurge in homosexuality this century due to hormonal imbalances caused by hormones in our food.

Oh, and the West doesn’t get to tell Africa how to deal with homosexuality. Matter of fact, yall thieving/killing muthereffers don’t get to tell us how to do sh!t!!!

So in conclusion, my article is not done yet, and stop killing our gay brothers and sisters! Like this or comment on it if you want to know when the article is published. I promise it will be a mouthful.

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