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One of the most powerful tracks I have ever loved. Fell in love with Talib for taking it to my hometown. I’m mad though that this vid has only 400K views. Whereas the trash on Youtube gets 5 mil+

I love it especially because I don’t believe musik of enlightenment should have to adhere to slow beats and kickback paces. We don’t have to get high to every “conscious” song. A term that I hate because it means so little nowadays. Everybody’s “conscious”, even the junk eating rastas married to chemical-straightened sisters or white Brazilians. I hate that word. There’s also the fact that we are using an adjective like that to describe a state of being that should be normal but that is now considered unique. It is not normal to be conscious. The tragedy.

But I’m excited about my new venture into “consious” musik, danceable music with powerful, earth-shaking lyrics. Looking forward to sharing those tracks with you.

But Talib is crazy dope. Love him. Don’t you love it when an artist has more to say than he can fit on a track? Each word is there for a purpose…as opposed to these fools who sing about sexing several women (are you gay? did you really sleep with all those women? If you’re comfortable with your manhood…why tell us so much about your bedroom life? Got something to prove?) a day and are literally repeating themselves over and over.

I guess that’s what a third-grade education gets you. Enjoy the radical musik above!

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