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The Vegan’s Need for Meat

I certainly don’t qualify for the term “Vegan”, although I do use it to describe my diet. I have played around with other terms, like an acronym that included Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Organic, Plant-heavy. This may seem redundant to the meat-eater, but vegetarians know that there are SO many kinds of vegetarians. There are tons of vegans who eat junk I wouldn’t feed a dog, like fruit roll ups, or white rice…

{ Burning Amber incense. Smells like HEAVEN. }

Then there are meat-eaters who eat everything organic and truly take care of themselves. I believe there is a word for the diet I’m referring to that also includes exercise.

But the point of writing this post is to share about my recent forced return to eating fish, which I wasn’t desiring. 98% of the time, my diet is described as above. And then once a month or less, I might reach for a piece of fish from the Guinea place that my big Sis put me on to and I love. But in my research about Adrenal Fatigue, I learned that meat was a popular remedy. I’ve always loved salmon, though in my long stretches of gluten-free, organic, mostly raw veganism there just wasn’t much room (or money) for salmon.

I resisted that recommendation for some time until the Holy Spirit shook me up and said buy salmon today or else. And I did. And I felt a ton better. That was last Sunday. I had a much better week than I had had in months. And then the strength began to fade towards the end of the week, so I recognized I needed some more salmon. Had some today, felt a ton better. It’s crazy. Either 100% veganism is just not for me, or I had just damaged my Adrenals to the point that I have to do what it takes to repair them. Two slices of salmon for $8.50. Seemed like a lot at the time, but a bargain compared to curried salmon from the Indian spot which is what I almost got. $15.

Both times I ate it with herb salad to help with digestion, and didn’t have any issues digesting. Also prepped with Amande almond yogurt which got me very excited last week when I discovered it–the first sugar-free vegan yogurt I have been able to find. Not organic though GMO free. Still looking for the organic version of this then I’ll be in healthy-digesting-stomach heaven.

Moral of the story, sometimes your vegan body needs protein. I make no apologies. I’m not vegan for the animals. I’m vegan for the humans. I’m vegan 98% of the time for my own selfish reasons: living a long life of vitality. Reducing my carbon footprint is a close second. But I’m not going to abstain 100% from these items forever until someone shows me the society that is 100% vegan all the time and lives to be 120 with no crazy diseases.

I haven’t had anything that came out of a cow for many years, nor do I eat eggs regularly. I eat raw kale salads or collard green coleslaws in place of most peoples’ grain staples.  I like to start my day with smoothies of greens and plantain and mushroom and broccoli. Funny, vegan is also often confused for soy-eater, but soy is something I can’t stand most of the time. This protein deficiency has made me reach recently for some organic, fermented tempeh, but I’m still a bigger fan of sprouted quinoa, which I rarely have time to make.

I’m not vegan also because I do use leather, and I don’t run from honey and lanolin and all the other things derived indirectly from cow’s hairs. It’s just not that serious for me yet. But I continue to grow. And learn. And I’m open to being convinced that the bees don’t want us to touch their honey.

One Love

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