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The Vegan’s Need for MORE Meat

So I had a little piece of salmon last weekend, after my annoyance with the sore muscles became overbearing. I was so tired by the weekend, even with all this raw food, walking up the stairs was a feat. Then I had a little salmon and all the better, although it took hours and hours to digest because I didn’t eat it with herb salad but with dumb brown rice. Grrrr. Anyway, it was about a fourth of what I had eaten the last two weekends, and by Tuesday I was back to being sore, so I had to have even more salmon. Which translated into a brown rice-sushi party in my office.

Salmon Avocado Lushness

Salmon Avocado Lushness

I ended up eating way more salmon than anyone needs for lunch (smoked and seared, mind you, though it tasted as raw as cannibalism), trying to break it down with collard green/carrot/beet salad but failing miserably and ending up tired for the rest of the afternoon. Throw in the fact that I had little sleep the night before and you have a groggy web dev trying not to fall asleep in front of the pc.


Moral of the story? Eat some animal protein if you need it (though I hardly consider fish to be meat, very different vibration to me), but don’t over do it. And indeed, the experiment has proven that you must eat it with herb salad for optimal digestion!

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