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I should be in bed, but…
The same day I get fed up with fatigue and dry skin and the whole nine; and I find and make an appointment with the Holistic MD I’ve been searching for who takes my insurance, I walk on the subway and see a dude holding a Cup and this sign: “THYROID ILLNESS. ANYTHING HELPS.” The poor dude had one eye covered with a patch, the other eye was literally bulging out of his head like it could fall out any minute. He looked so miserable. I had no change to give him, so I gave him a prayer. It was like God saying to me, “If you don’t take care of this thing now, that could be you.”

Raw food, wheatgrass, veganism. I’ve tried everything. Not cutting it right now.

Famous Thyroid patients…

MISSY-JamieMcCarthy RollingStone

Missy Elliot was diagnosed with HypoThyroidism years ago. She’s on medication and exercising.


Oprah says she’s cured of Thyroid disease, the main cause for her weight gain.

These are some severe cases of Hypothyroid disorder. Parental guidance is advised :/


Severe hypothyroidism can cause bulging of the eyes, like the dude I saw on the subway. But his was MUCH worse.



30 year old woman who never developed from infant-hood due to severe Hypothyroidism

Read about this 30 year old woman here:

This is not the post where I go into how I think many people I know are walking around with Thyroid disorders and don’t know it; or where I talk about my struggle with low energy and taking Thyroid supplements and vitamin B and sticking to a wheatgrass diet because if I don’t I’ll gain 20 pounds in 10 minutes. But that post is coming soon 😉

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