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It’s 2015 and hundreds of political prisoners have escaped from maximum security prisons across the US with the help of a former Black panther turned chemist turned pastor who preached in their prisons. The ex-prisoners form a band and come under the pastors tutelage, hiding in the mountains of Alaska for one year. They emerge with the final concoction of a truth serum which forces anyone on whom it is administered to let down their guard, behold truth, speak truth and comprehend the complexities of their reality. The ex-prisoners disband to contaminate drinking water across the country with this truth serum. Within weeks, American citizens cease to be complacent with their circumstances and begin to question everything. News headlines report American citizens en masse suddenly protesting everything from plastic bottles to foreign invasions. The effects eventually reach into the inner cities where water is not the drink of choice, and then the entertainment industry. Well known entertainers suddenly begin behaving out of character and news headlines report…

NEWS HEADLINE: “DMX Opens Rehap Clinic using West African herb, IBOGA, to cure patients of drug addiction.”

NEWS HEADLINE: “Nicki Minaj converts to Black Nationalism & pledges to send 1000 Black girls from the inner city to Howard University”

NEWS HEADLINE: “Since Coming Under the Ministration of Louis Farrakhan, Drake decides to fund the first ever Know Your Rights Campaign to Keep Young Black Males out of Jail”

NEWS HEADLINE: “Jay Z is Born Again, Launches First Ever Hip Hop Temple Where Homeless Brooklynites are Housed and Church Services are held on Friday nights.”

NEWS HEADLINE: “Pharrell Launches New Teen Abstinence Campaign, Teaches Inner City Youth to Use Their Sexual Energy for Arts and Athletics, Not Promiscuity.”

NEWS HEADLINE: “Lil Kim launches the Love Yourself Campaign, discouraging young girls from opting for plastic surgery and teaching them to love the skin they’re in.”

NEWS HEADLINE: “Usher Releases New Album Titled Save Our Seeds, Proceeds go to Funding AIDs Cure Using African Indigenous Herbalism.”

More to come…

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