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Relationship Status – Part I

***My third full poem for National Poetry Month. Check out the stream of haikus on my twitter feed


A friend is not a friend until she’s watched you bury hatchets and nursed you back from death

Pulling you back from the brink

Insisting that you live

And breathe one more day

Dancing with your corpse-like arms

And bringing light to your abandoned castle

Candle after candle after candle

A friend is the person who aches to be your healer

Who tries to salvage your disasters

A friend is the one who carries your mistakes 10 miles, heaped to heaven

While you carry your resolutions

This friend to your soul picks your brain and begs his to be picked

Wanting every minute of your existence from birth

In 3D details

Who was that neighbor you got tied up with in that tree you were supposed to be reading underneath

Who was that friend, in grade school who wrote you nasty letters only to come back and beg

Your existence back into their sphere

What was that your poppa did when he caught you sneaking—

Oh, wait, was this not okay to bring up

Streaking letters across your legs tingling your mind

Making love to your theories, assembling your battle lines

Telling truths you ought never speak of out side of bed, with clothes on

A lover is a skin, mind, spirit companion that makes you more than just a floating spirit-filled microcosm of the universe

That is a god you mate with

A spirit you dine with

A god you design with

Making mating must time activity

In those arms you are consoled

Your house made home

Intrigued by your goals

Being generations ahead, planning for your offsprings country

Insisting wealth for your progeny

A friend is a house and that love makes that house turn home

Fills it with his progeny cruising the savannah

Running races of freedom, childlike

Into the Equator’s sun.

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