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“All These F—in Immigrants”

So there was a lady at the train station this morning who was apparently enraged because she had swiped her card, couldn’t get in, and the transit worker wouldn’t give her a pass. She stood outside the turnstiles for over 10 minutes ( I got there after the real ruckus) cursing and shouting and threatening to harm the attendant.

“I’m f—in born here. All these f—in immigrants. These f—in immigrants, can’t even get no f—in food stamps. Taking my jobs. I can’t get no f—in job….”


Maybe I should have spoken up, said, I’m an immigrant, given her the bait she needed to let out all her general life frustrations with pummels to my face. It wasn’t a good morning to start a fight though. Did she know that over 36% of New Yorkers are immigrants, and that likely there were 15 immigrants within listening distance? Probably so. She probably hoped one of us would say something, she was so desperate for a violent outlet. Repeatedly promising the harm she would have done to the “immigrant” MTA worker if she wasn’t behind Plexiglas.

I just didn’t want the reminder that a portion of the population still feels this vehement anger about losing a country that was built on theft–read, grand larceny–and genocide. Especially folks whose forefathers were brought here in chains under whips.


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