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Why You Shouldn’t Worship this “Christ”

Many people ask me why it matters what color Christ was. Some just would rather leave the subject alone (read: are scared to find out the truth and have their paradigm shattered), others don’t believe He ever existed (read: are fed up of media lies and don’t know what to believe in).


One of many depictions of a fair-skinned Christ


One of many depictions of a fair-skinned Christ


One of many depictions of a fair-skinned Christ


One of many depictions of a fair-skinned Christ


One of many depictions of a fair-skinned European-featured Christ

There are so many differing depictions of Christ, as there are several interpretations of the Bible. How do you know if the one you have hanging in your dining room is the right one? Why does it matter?

This image of Christ is extremely dangerous because there is a whole generation of spiritual people who love God, who refuse to accept Christ because they can’t get past the fact that this image was used to convince otherwise intelligent people to give up control of the richest lands in the world. This image is responsible for so many deaths and slave ships. This image is responsible for drive-by shootings, for crack-addicts, for rape in the Black community.

It is the reason that women as naturally beautiful, as gorgeous as my aunts can be convinced to risk every level of organ damage and spend plenty of money bleaching their skin for decades. Did you know that once you stop bleaching you get instantly blacker than you were when you started. (Thus, they can never stop unless they are prepared for hyper-pigmentation.) Its the reason a woman can die from poisoning from the glue of a lace front wig.

Believe me, if everyone thought “God” was Black, no one would buy into this notion of superior beauty of blonde hair and blue eyes and thus subconsciously hate themselves for not being that. This image single-handedly convinced almost an entire continent to commit genocide against itself.

That’s a whole lot of credit for one image, you say.

So many people are grasping, looking for a stable spiritual practice. They believe in love, they believe in the magic powers of God, the beauty, the divine intelligent science of the Universe; they know there was no big bang. Because to say everything we see in nature just happened would be to call it a coincidence that walnuts look like brains, bananas look like smiles and avocadoes look like uteruses. But they refuse this notion that some blonde-haired guy from Palestine (read, East Africa) was really God incarnate, was nailed to a cross because he said he was God’s son, and can get us all into heaven if we just say we know him.

This image of Christ is just disturbing. It goes against everything that is commonly known about the region we are talking about. Everything that history says about race and migration.  If “Lucy” was found in Ethiopia, and Saint Peter was found buried under a church and turned out to be Black, if the Ancient Egyptians depicted themselves as Black; how is it that “everyone” in the Bible—Palestine/East Africa–was blonde and blue/brown-eyed? Every time I see one of these last supper images, I feel like someone is calling me stupid. How dare you tell me there were mostly blonde people in this region where the European invaders who came later caught every disease and died because they couldn’t take the heat? Where they get sunburned and their skin peels off. How do people who look like that live for generations in East African weather?

The Last Supper Restored, Leonardo Da Vinic

Historically inaccurate depiction of The Last Supper


Forget about the fact that the dates and names may be wrong (read, Jesus v. Horus) and the books of the Bible that were never shared with the world, locked away in the Vatican somewhere. Forget about the different names of God(s) in the old testament, the poor, poor English translations that contradict each other. None of this changes the bottom line.

I believe. I do believe that someone could die for all to accept the way of truth. To LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. I believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt. I believe that calling on this name—probably more powerful in any language other than English—has an effect in the Supernatural realm, in which things simply shift in your favor, just because you refuse to believe you are forsaken. Instead, accepting that ANYTHING GOOD is possible. I write you this, as the end to an extremely difficult period in which my faith has been tried and tested, beaten to a pulp, had it’s eye gauged out, a cotton gin tied to it and dropped in the Tallahatchie River. Somehow, listening to gospel this afternoon, the almost unrecognizable body of my faith floated back to the top of the river.


You can not, must not, worship this God. Try the real Jesus instead.


Charlemagne commissioned Jesus to be painted white in spite of all the Black Madonna’s Europeans used to worship Mary & Christ at the time.


Black Mary and Jesus on the cover of Smithsonian. Still lightened up sufficiently for their audience, but obviously not blonde or white.















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