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How to Protect Black Boys from Cold Blooded Murder, I Mean Self Defense

I told myself that I wasn’t going to cry about Trayvon, because murder, unpunished acts of genocide are an everyday reality for Black people all over the planet. Because crying does nothing for Trayvon or his family, or the millions of souls victimized by the devil’s imperialism. Marching only tells his family they are not alone. Maybe the federal charges brought against Zimmerman will stick, maybe not. None of it really changes the fact that this happens every day.

Sean Bell, Aiyana Jones, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin. Victims of Police Brutality & Racism

Sean Bell, Aiyana Jones, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin. Victims of Police Brutality & Racism

I sobbed only because I saw Sybrina Fulton’s words: Lord during my darkest hour I lean on you. You are all that I have…Thank you all for your prayers and support… I will love you forever Trayvon!!!” I have been depressed before. When I read those words, I thought Perhaps what she feels like is 10,000 times more painful than my darkest hour. Or more. As a mother, it is a pain I can not even begin to fathom. It makes me numb, the notion that my male children would never be safe or valued in this system. Maybe I’ll make sure they’re always dressed in church clothes, and I’ll send them to private school, and I’ll live in the suburbs, and I’ll teach them martial arts, and I’ll make sure they never go to clubs, I’ll tell them to never break the law, or speed, or talk back to the police, or look suspicious. Always look happy, I’ll tell them, never look threatening. Go to school, get a doctorate, be rich, leave America.

Oh you caught that, did you. Yeah, leave America. Because even though Black people are persecuted throughout the world, this is the place with the most elaborate schemes of genocide. This is the place that laughs in our faces when we say we love our babies. This is the place that mocks us. Because none of those precautions would make them safe. None would make them valued above prison labor in the eyes of this country’s In-Justice System.

When a friend of mine came over yesterday with her three Black sons, she said that in the shoes of one of the million mothers who has lost her son to colonial-post-colonial-imperialist murder, she would weep calmly and quietly. Then she would murder the son(s) of whomever had murdered hers. I told her that she would go to jail. It happens all the time that people take on the law, and seize justice. It doesn’t happen in our communities much, but if it did, it would simply be an express bus to prison slavery. Because you better believe, you would not be acquitted even if you decided not to shoot the kid and then he attacked you and then you shot him in “self defense.” You would get life. The chair.

As I’ve always said, if some of us are dying, all of us are dying. We are not free until TrayvonSeanAiyanaAmadou’s simply can not happen. What solution do I propose? You’re looking for something less dramatic than leaving America? It will take 100 years for this country to stop killing us. In that 100 years, perhaps Indigenes and Hispanics will take back this land; a socialist-like Africa will nationalize all natural resources, placing Black skin back in the apex of beauty and power–being that African poverty, war and famine will have been eliminated by this act; and masonic white supremacy will be one half of a chapter in our history books.

We have to keep doing what we are already doing to change the world, but then we’ll have to leave.

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Added February 16, 2014 — Jordan Davis

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  • loveofdios

    Posted July 17, 2013 at 1:42 am

    thank you for expressing. we must breathe/live/stand in the face of the obstacles placed before us. gbogbo awa ni owo Olorun, what is to be learned and then what is to be done with that knowledge are the questions that confront me. I think work like what you are already doing is vital. Thank you.


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