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The Best Song Ever

I loved this song with everything when my Creativity Guru put me on. Just for the danceability of the music and the color of the video. But then I saw this analysis and thought, whoa, the power behind the lyrics and the stories of the singers is a major inspiration for anyone who’s been through anything. It speaks to the African sensibility regarding the loss of the life and the continuation of spirits. But then you could just DANCE.

MAFIKIZOLO Featuring UHURU, Zulu, South Africa*, Khona

I’m the best dancer in the world. Just feeling myself a little. I may not be, but it feels good to say it. So here’s some more of the music that feeds my veins and keeps me getting work done:

Ice Prince, Nigerian*, Aboki

Fuse, Ghanaian*, Antenna

* These identities do not exist, but I am forced to use them because of the likelihood that you don’t know any better.

Please send me more dope musik. One

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