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All in the same day: Reporting live from Grand Central Terminal

A South American amputee fell off his crutches, a blonde homeless man transported through the train a huge leaking trash bag–telling fellow strap-hangers to hold the doors for him as he would be stepping out for a cigarette–and a little Asian girl gave her mother the biggest tantrum ever seen.  She screamed “Put me down” so loudly and so violently from her mother’s arms that her clothes were coming off and her underwear showing.  And then Apple lost all my data.

My laptop crapped out just eight months after I got it. I took it to the Apple store and they assured me likely my hard drive would not be affected.  Maybe if my photos and videos from my first time back to my home country were important enough to me I would have run home right then and backed up my data somehow. What kind of technical organization can’t fix your sh!+ without erasing your data?  Besides from the fact that I couldn’t have backed it up then if I’d wanted to considering the eight month old piece of sewage didn’t stay on for more than two minutes and crashed every time you did as much as open Microsoft word.

It reminds me of my friends Farai’s prediction last year that Apple products would go to sh!+ within two years,  as they were already struggling and then their visionary died.  I told the dude at the Apple store that they were struggling and that the MacBook they broke was a wasted investment. I told him I had been in IT for ten years and had never seen a hard drive crash in eight months. In fact,  the video card started crapping out in three months.  Why didn’t I back up my data then?  Stupidity. A love for all things Apple and the belief that somehow it would correct itself, maybe.  A busy-ness that kept me from traveling all the way in to the city for repairs.  What will I do about my photos now? Go back to Nigeria I guess.

Oh, and then a grown woman did that thing you do when you see a young woman and child about to enter the turnstile and then you exit the same one anyway, and got cursed out in Yoruba.

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