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When I Think of Love

When I think of love I think of

Soft lips on my park bench

Bushes surround us

Jungle thick playgrounds for us

Isolated from the world

Insulated from lies

False agreements

Fake love

Insulated from duty

Fantasy becomes you

You are night with a glow

Holding my bouquet

I am

Running in my white gown

Down the highway paved with laws

Until they become

The strings that hold together our empire

Tangling me upside down

As you pull me up

Risking every form of death

You embrace my tangled supple web

Caressing each thread until I learn to love me

You teach me how to love me when you do that

Braiding me into a masterpiece

Held in your hand

Pulling my braid for apogee

Of our bodies and mind webs

You softly kiss my vulnerability

And yank my shield

You dissolve it with every word

And every fingertip

Against my heartbeat

You take my lawfulness

And turn it into abandon

Wildly tossing branches and petals

Making room for our soul entanglement

When I think of love I think of you

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