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Christians are Hypocrites

They teach from their soapbox, and then they sleep with their followers. They take your money and buy private jets and gold watches, while you struggle and toil to exit your sufferation. They make you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, telling you to change the way you dress, while they’re having extramarital affairs.  They purport to be spiritually matured in their middle age, but are inclined to lure young girls into their bedrooms.

The people have become tired of no-good leaders who claim to be one thing and yet become the opposite behind closed doors. Who insist on telling us how to live, and yet are incapable of or unwilling to heed their own advice.  We need a revolt against these so-called “men of … hip hop”. Yes these JayZ’s and Kanye’s are leading us into abysmal waters, baptizing us in bad scriptures. We spend our money on their products and they give us nothing back. They ride in private jets, and we ride the subway.

“I can’t wait to get to heaven and leave all you heathens behind…”

Oh, I’m sorry, you thought I was going to say…pastors? These “men of God”? Yeah, they do that too. Some of them. All these Christians walking around like they’re better than the rest of us, their noses in the sky talking about “God favors me…” “I’m blessed and highly favored…” “I can’t wait to get to heaven and leave all you heathens behind…” How irritating! Half of them are fornicating and cursing and smoking anyway, what do they know about holiness? They’re in the club Saturday until 4 AM, going to church with a hangover. Some Christian is reading this right now and saying, “Not me, I don’t go out anymore.”

Christians are supposed to be an example of holiness, right? Almost like nuns. They’re not supposed to curse. They’re not supposed to lie. They’re not supposed to have sex, babies, outside of marriage. They’re not supposed to smoke, steal, cheat, kill. They’re not supposed to “skim a little off the top” they’re not supposed to engage in crime, beat their children, dress provocatively, get to work late, be too poor or too rich.

They’re supposed to be damn near perfect.  Well, we are.

We’re hypocrites when we come to church every Sunday and go to parties every Friday. We jump up and down in the church, screaming “Amen, thank you Jesus!” but we can’t help but snicker when we hear a long time enemy is suffering through a little piece of torment. We see someone different in appearance, and begin formulating all sorts of judgments about the kind of person they are.

We’re hypocrites when we tell “little white lies” or commit fraud, when we thank God for things we cheated a little to achieve, or don’t thank God at all. When we don’t tithe, when we smoke or drink, when we let our physical desires rule us, when we do what we want instead of what that little voice inside says. Most of us fail miserably at being good Christians. The kind of Christians the world expects to see. This is why so many people can’t stand Christians…and some Christians escape to other religions—or no religion—when the hypocrisy becomes all they can see.

We’re all hypocrites.

Christians are indeed hypocrites. So are Muslims, Jews, Animists, Buddhists, Atheists, Hip Hop Heads, Revolutionaries. We’re all hypocrites. None of us is perfect all the time. Most of us do what we have been convinced we must, what we are commanded to do by others, or what we think we can get away with.  The nature of life—especially against an urban backdrop—is such that it is nearly impossible to be virtuous all the time. The battle between good and evil remains constant between our Spirits and our bodies. Our [physical] bodies want food, ego, activity, sex, wine, sleep among other things. Our Spirits want freedom, truth, divinity, clarity, spiritual love.

When good wins the battle, it is either because the body [mind] has been convinced to do good, or because the Spirit is overpowering the body.

You may be paying your tithes to JayZ[Hova], to a Pastor, to a Witchdoctor… Whichever it is, none of them is necessarily giving you something tangible back. The return you receive is based on the belief you have and your communion with the Force governing that belief.  Your pastor might very well be a thief. He might also be dropping gems every week that you could apply to get your own jet or PhD, whichever you desire. That sister sitting next to you in church may be wearing a short skirt because she sleeps around, or she might be struggling to apply modesty as part of her spiritual walk. That brother may have committed fraud last all week. He may even be paying his tithes with someone else’s credit card. But he might also be on his knees at night, begging God to help him change. Either way, you’re no better than him. Didn’t you lie on your taxes anyway? That’s ok, because I was super greedy with food yesterday. Tomorrow we’ll do better…

In most of us, there is a thirst. Deep down within you there is a thirst to know something greater than yourself. To speak to the Force(s) that hold the earth and made you, and to hear from this Something Greater…in meditation. A Christian is someone who quenches this thirst with the Bible and the knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ [Yeshua? Horus?].

Does it matter?

The desire to be like someone such as Christ.  Was He a man or a myth? Does it matter? Do we benefit from the deep desire to be someone who treats each person we come in to contact with with love, who is happier to give than to receive, who is capable of subduing our physical yearnings in pursuit of our Spirit, in pursuit of a complete and utter fulfillment of the spiritual purpose for our physical existence, who is willing to give our life in absolute submission to something we can not see, but can feel?  The active and genuine pursuit of such a person is what makes a Christian. That pursuit will result in varying levels of success depending on that person’s commitment and capability. Celebrate the successes. Don’t be disappointed in someone’s failing to reach perfection because they have been branded “Christian.” Be disappointed when they stop trying.

Disclaimer: I’m not a pastor, just a Spirit having a human experience,






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