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How to Get Away With Murder, Ferguson Style


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Every time a white man is officially exonerated of guilt for killing a Black man/child/woman in a public case, the morning after, many European-American strangers avoid making eye contact with me. Is it just me?

In other news, there are three major differences between Jews in Nazi Germany and Black people in America.

  1. The Jews knew there was an intent to destroy their population.
  2. The Jews didn’t have a real means/opportunity to retaliate.
  3. The Jewish Holocaust ended.

Yeah I said it. Do your research.

Remember that the media often refers to those murdered by police as men, even when they are children. Remember that they are often painted as criminals, even when they are upstanding students–the power of European-American-one-percenter-owned media. Black Man, remember, whether you were photographed in a durag, with your pants sagging or with a suit, graduation gown, cornrows or crew cut–you are everything. You deserve every breath you take. You and me, we created this earth and they can’t handle that. Those who persecute you, they do it because they can’t handle the strength of your genes, the power of your history and blood, they can’t accept your beauty because it threatens them. Even when you are not doing anything consciously threatening, because you don’t have to, they are deathly afraid. Because without you, they could not exist. They can not be you and they never will be.

The war against Black America has taken many forms since it began in the 16th century. Back then though; there were no Black Americans, just newly enslaved Africans. Along with all the transitions that turned Africans into Black Americans, there were several modulations in the methods used to subjugate this population. From hanging men and raping women to ripping children from their mothers’ bosoms and selling husband and wife to separate plantations. We now have the school to prison pipeline and extra-judicial killings, or as I prefer to call them, Street Side Executions.

As long as we look at each Street Side Execution in isolation, and wail about the shock, the disappointment, the blah blah blah, it will be impossible to understand the actual “causes” and the intention behind these killings.

The most shocking element about executions like that in Ferguson is that they happen quite often. The stories that mainstream media chooses to cover are the ones we are allowed to protest en masse with minimal consequence. Other stories are buried in the heaps of never-filed, never-begun police investigations. And mothers cry for the children they labored to push out of their wombs into this cruel establishment and who once brought them so much joy.

What angers me most is not the Grand Jury decision. What angers me most is the Black nation’s initial response to the decision. If you scroll back in time to social media’s response to Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant–whether celebrities, news organizations, everyday people–you will see the EXACT same hashtags, comments, emotions. Every time. The same anger, the same rioting, the same crying, the same marching, the same praying, the same Al Sharpton, the same forgetting. It makes us look stupid. “Oh I can’t believe…” “Oh I’m so disappointed…” “Oh Black lives are worth nothing…: “All we need is love…” “Please stop killing us…” “We’re human too…” None of it prevented Ferguson.

Names. Killed by Police

Murdered by Police

Are you really surprised by this decision? Really? You mean you’ve already forgotten about all the other times this already happened exactly the same and you were already shocked? How many times can you be shocked about something that happens all the time? In America, a Black boy or man is killed by police every 28 hours. This number is only based on recorded and reported executions and does not include the numbers of those attacked and severely injured by police.

You should expect it, because this is what war is like. Except we’re in a very long, drawn out war and you may not realize it until things like this happen where your side is so publicly and viciously terrorized that you begin to wonder if it could possibly be a coincidence that young Black men, boys, are executed by non-black police officers… in the street… in broad daylight, in moonlight all the f-cking time. You should expect it, because you’re losing a war that you apparently don’t know is a war. You don’t know this because if you did, you would not be “shocked” at this decision, shocked that the very institutions that arm and employ the people who execute our sons and brothers and fathers and friends protect them from any retribution in the aftermath. Please do not be shocked. This is America. And this is what happens in America. This is what has happened since the beginning of America.

You can be angry though. Feel free to get angry. And then get over it. Get focused. What can you do to limit the systematic elimination of people who look like you? How can you help to end the Genocide? This is where many will stop reading because they didn’t know there would be a call to action. Many will stop reading only because they thought this was just going to be entertainment. They wanted to be part of the #trending topic. But you who are still reading, what will you do? What are you already doing? If you are already satisfied that the contributions you are making are tremendous in restoring the dignity, pride and power of the Black nation, then you deserve a fingernail clap. Please continue to work hard and grow your movement. If you are part of the group that needs something more to do, FIND something. Whatever your hands find to do in support of a reality that allows Black men and women worldwide to not only survive, but to THRIVE, do it.

The biggest thing that Jews do not have in common with Black people is that they support their own. Jews spend almost none of their money outside their “community.” Of the one trillion dollars of spending power coming out of Black America, two percent is spent with Black businesses. Why does this matter? Because if you owned the TV stations, you could influence the masses with stories that matter, told from a non-genocidal, non-racist perspective. If you owned the grocery stores, you could eliminate the expired, disease-ridden foods sold to your people. If you owned your own police forces, you would not be shot down like dogs in the street holding skittles. How do you get to own the means of production? Your people must build your wealth by supporting you. You’re not likely to make that kind of money from the support of other communities.

If you don’t want to be shot down like a dog in the street, or want that for your son, or for your great grandchildren, please build and support institutions that uphold our right on this earth to be full men and women, to be respected as human beings, to enjoy the rights of full human beings in this society, on this earth, in this day by any means necessary.

A quote by Isabel Wilkerson:

The haunting symmetry of a death every three or four days links us to an uglier time that many would prefer not to think about, but which reminds us that the devaluation of black life in America is as old as the nation itself and has yet to be confronted. Beyond the numbers, it is the banality of injustice, the now predictable playing out of 21st Century convention – the swift killing, the shaming of the victim rather than inquiry into the shooter, the kitchen-table protest signs, twitter handles and spontaneous symbols of grievance, whether hoodies or Skittles or hands in the air, the spectacle of death by skin color. All of it connects the numbing evil of a public hanging in 1918 to the numbing evil of a sidewalk killing uploaded on YouTube in the summer of 2014.


More recent Michael Brown-like killings

Directories listing Black Owned Businesses

PS. And why is Network Solutions sitting on the domain name? How about Oprah or JayZ or Barack buy it and gift it to the Blackout Coalition?

PPS. I’m not on a soapbox, I am as heartbroken as you are by the acts of genocide on our children, brothers, fathers, friends. But this broken-heartedness motivates me in everything I build. Please, let us mend our hearts and build.

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