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Lagos Diaries – Episode I

Hi Loves!

I’m creating a video diary of my time in Lagos this summer. Primarily because there is not enough up-to-date info on the web about visiting Lagos. I didn’t see much about living here either, just a few disjointed posts from returnees. All of these were helpful but my goal is to create something slightly more holistic from the point of view of a potential returnee. There’s a huge shroud of mystery around moving back to Nigeria from where I’m sitting. So I’d like to help remove the veil.


I will need your help!

1- Watch the videos (Tell me what you think in the comments. Be honest, but if you need to be mean, do so in the DM =)

2- Let me know what additional info you would like about living/working in Lagos or visiting

3- Stay connected (I’m resuscitating my blog for this and will also be using Instagram heavily so subscribe and follow)

4- Share with friends who may be interested in moving to or visiting Lagos and also those who are here and can provide answers to some of our questions!


I’m extremely blessed to be able to even do this. I get to work remotely from Lekki, so I’m somewhat of an anomaly. Onwards! Hashtag with me! #lagosdiaries

Below is Episode 1 in which I talk about my first week in Lagos.

Lagos Diaries – Day I from Ololade Siyonbola on Vimeo.

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