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Lagos Diaries – On the Tradeoffs of Moving to Lagos

My friend asked me to speak on the tradeoffs of living in Lagos vs. the States. These are my initial thoughts, there will be more to say, I’m sure, as I spend more time acclimating to life here.

One thing I didn’t mention is that to live in what is the most “comfortable” and most “gentrified” part of Lagos, you really need to be making six figures in USD.


About Lolade

Lolade is a Gates Cambridge Scholar, starting her PhD in Sociology with the 2019 class. She recently graduated with her MA in African Studies [Sociology discipline] from Yale University where she researched ethnic identity formation among Nigerian immigrants in New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. She is the author of 'Market of Dreams' a radical poetry collection about love and freedom. She obsesses over indigenous textiles, cultural preservation and innovation, and intimately connecting the African Diaspora.

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