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I’m Just Going to Write VIII

WARNING: This piece is not appropriate for readers under 18 and will be fully available only on Patreon.

Larissa lays the cards out on the table. Colorful, ornate cards with critical messages. Their backs are filled with a futurist Arabesque fusion of flourishes, saucers, diamonds. Neon colors.

The sisters are lined up, hands up, open and together. Each sister is to pick the card she feels is hers and place it face up in the hands of the first sister she passes without a card. On the way back to her position, up to the halfway point.

When the second half have their cards, the line becomes a V and the sisters face each other. They observe the card for their pair together in silence. They place the card in a pocket, hold each other’s hands, meditate on the message.

Larissa walks around them, reading the cards.

At the tenth hour, their meditation is complete. The rule is that only certain sisters can connect in touch with others. And only after the tenth hour after high noon.

Indigo turns as the meditation closes. Ivoire feels her attention, warming her left cheek. Indi slides softly across the room until she is sitting cross legged, with her knee touching Ivoire’s. She starts by placing her fingers on Ivoire’s knee…thigh, moving it up her thigh. Grabbing her thigh, their foreheads rest upon one another, their lips meet.

Indigo feels her heat…

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Cadence is curious. She shyly watches from her front corner, looking down and back up at them. Down and back up. She has not engaged the other sisters after meditation hour before. Ugoji sees her watching. Watches her. A hand massages Cadence’s right rear. She is ready. The hand becomes more pressure, more massage, more strength. She feels a kiss on her neck. She closes her eyes. The tingling that moves across her body is overwhelming and she wants to faint. Her admirer caresses her back while supporting her standing.

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About Lolade

Lolade is a Gates Cambridge Scholar, starting her PhD in Sociology with the 2019 class. She recently graduated with her MA in African Studies [Sociology discipline] from Yale University where she researched ethnic identity formation among Nigerian immigrants in New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. She is the author of 'Market of Dreams' a radical poetry collection about love and freedom. She obsesses over indigenous textiles, cultural preservation and innovation, and intimately connecting the African Diaspora.

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