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I’m Just Going to Write VII

Ok so I’m taking a break from the story to check in with you. I noticed that I was hesitant to put up the last installment for several reasons. The most vital of which is our aversion to talking about sensuality and intimacy openly. I have long been a proponent of discussing things in the open that most of us like to shy away from. Why? Because secrets make us sick. Because our aversion to openly discussing the things that make us uncomfortable keeps us making ill-informed decisions that perpetuate avoidable suffering.

I also have to say that this story is just coming out. I started with no plans. I just decided to write whatever came up and publish that. I don’t edit these much as they are flowing out of me as an honest message that seeks to be told. I personally don’t have a clue what’s going to happen with the characters when I start writing. But I’m finding a lot of value in following and spending time with them. I find myself wanting to return to them often, which is a good sign.

There will be more intimacy. I’m not a proponent of pornography as we know it which is why my sensual writing is more poetic than graphic. But in an effort to protect my daughter and all my other kids around the world, I will be adding the most sexually specific scenes to a tier on my Patreon page so that members can benefit from the fullness of this unbridled exploration. This writing is a therapeutic process for me and thus I recognize that it fits in with the Soulmedicine aesthetic. The themes are medicinal for the oppressed majority as they are for me.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I appreciate your attention. Thank you for being in this space. It only gets more raw from here.

Much love.


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Lolade is a Gates Cambridge Scholar, starting her PhD in Sociology with the 2019 class. She recently graduated with her MA in African Studies [Sociology discipline] from Yale University where she researched ethnic identity formation among Nigerian immigrants in New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. She is the author of 'Market of Dreams' a radical poetry collection about love and freedom. She obsesses over indigenous textiles, cultural preservation and innovation, and intimately connecting the African Diaspora.

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