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On Natal Charts

So I’m tripping off finding out more about my natal chart. My Scorpio Rising means I’m supposed to have back to bak challenges (cancel, cancel) that I have to overcome to achieve my highest level. It also means I’m supposed to be jealous of others and don’t trust my partner until I know that they’re all in. All things I can see truth in. The jealousy has been there when I see someone doing something similar to what I’m doing and seemingly thriving more. I’ve often had to remind myself: this feeling means you really want to achieve that. Love that they achieved it and provide an example for you to know for sure that it can be done. Do what you got to do to get where you’re going, not where they went. Your unique destiny is worthy and its ok that you’re not there yet because when you get there it’ll be everything. Where you’re going is far more important than how long it takes you to get there.

The kind of relief that comes when you read about your constellation is unmatched. OMG like this is just how I was created to be? You mean I’m not just this unfortunate weirdo? And the thing is, I’ve heard bits and pieces of my chart before. I even have the Pattern app. I’ve gotten that there are a lot of things that are just meant to happen, no matter how challenging they may be. I got plenty of that from Pattern which was enough for me to tune it out. But I’d never gotten the full run down of all my signs and what they mean. It wasn’t until Fasola explained that our Moon Sign is what we really are deep down and the Sun is what we aspire to be that I really understood the value of knowing my Moon Sign.

I scrambled to find it and of course there it was in Pattern. I’d never seen it before. An ex had told me that I had a lot of Virgo in my chart but we never got into exactly what that meant. I’m going to drop the Virgo Moon description link below in case you want to get to know me better and if you are one too.

Description: Virgo Moon

I love this page because they make it easy to switch between signs and types for anyone who wants to figure out theirs, so you can also use it to learn more about your signs. To discover your sign you’ll have to use a natal chart tool like’s or another. You’ll need your time and location of birth. Some say is is critical down to the minute. With some closeness though, you should be able to figure out what’s key for you to know. And I imagine there must be ways for folks who don’t know their birth time to get as detailed information about their chart. I just don’t know them.

I hope you’ll figure out your chart and read about your signs and come back and tell me how it felt.  

Much love

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Lolade is a Gates Cambridge Scholar, starting her PhD in Sociology with the 2019 class. She recently graduated with her MA in African Studies [Sociology discipline] from Yale University where she researched ethnic identity formation among Nigerian immigrants in New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. She is the author of 'Market of Dreams' a radical poetry collection about love and freedom. She obsesses over indigenous textiles, cultural preservation and innovation, and intimately connecting the African Diaspora.

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